This is a period of firsts. The focus of today is on enjoying new salaries but getting on the property ladder is top of mind whilst also paying off debt.

Watch the video below to learn more about this life stage.

It’s great being young, determined, social and career-focused. If this is you, it’s likely you’re also looking to keep things on track.

And you can do it too, by getting a head start on your financial future to help achieve all the things you’re dreaming about.

When you’ve got fewer financial commitments, you’re in a great position to build a more secure future.  Financial advice is within everyone’s reach and is a big stepping stone to achieving your goals. The earlier you start, the better off you’ll be.

Go beyond the day-to-day mindset…Take advantage of financial advice now and you’ll be that much closer to having the freedom to travel, buy a car or even saving for your first home.

A financial adviser will teach you about the benefits of budgeting and saving, investing cleverly and making extra contributions to your super. It’s about giving you control, and helping you make smart financial choices to ensure that your financial future is more than just a little brighter.

And then there are things you might not have thought about –reducing tax, unnecessary admin and fees, and even ensuring you can pay your bills if you can’t work. Lots to consider as life changes over time…

Being young doesn’t mean financial advice isn’t for you – in fact it’s the perfect time to kick things off. Don’t miss out on the opportunities that could come your way by taking control of your financial future now.

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    Where does your money go?

    Starting out may involve a new job or progressing your career is an exciting time. A regular salary means the freedom to travel, buy a car or even start saving for your first home.

    What you need to know

    It can be easy to let money slip through your fingers. Setting up a budget and starting a regular savings plan will help you:

    • Make the most of your money and enjoy the benefits of your hard work
    • Get into a savings habit so you can build your wealth faster
    • Increase the amount of money you have by earning interest
    • Get peace of mind that you are being smart about your money

    Getting started

    Follow these simple steps:

    • Find a budget app that will help you make and stick to your budget
    • Set up a regular savings plan so that money automatically comes out of your account each month
    • Watch your savings grow

    Count on us

    A Count adviser can help you:

    • Set up a regular investment plan
    • Provide guidance on setting up a budget

    A car is more than just a way of getting from A to B. A car can provide new found freedom. Buying a car is one of the biggest purchases you’ll make next to buying your own home. So how can you be confident that the price you have negotiated is a good one?

    What you need to know

    Making sure you get the best deal when purchasing a car can be time consuming and complex. Private Fleet and Vehicle Select can help you save time, money and stress. This service is simple and easy to use:

    • Provide details of the vehicle you wish to buy
    • You'll get a no obligation quote within 24 hours
    • Private Fleet & Vehicle Select will help to organise a trade in of your existing vehicle

Did you know?