Goals focused on managing funds during retirement and optimising investment income.

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Feeling ready to enjoy life’s adventures now that you’re no longer working?

Retirement can be an exciting time but you may also be wondering how to fund that overseas holiday or be ready for any unexpected health concerns now that your main source of income is from your investments.

Whatever your goals are for retirement, talking to a financial adviser can help you prepare for the years ahead by protecting and maximising your hard-earned savings.

Income, super, investments, pensions and annuities…so many options with so many possible outcomes. Your financial Adviser can help you understand how these can impact you, and together you can then put strategies in place to give you peace of mind and make the most of your retirement years.

They can also advise you on your estate planning and how you can best support your family financially. If aged care is a consideration for your loved ones or yourself, they can help you prepare for that too.

Your financial Adviser will also help you plan for the brighter things in life like travel, the sea or tree change you’ve always thought about or spoiling your grandchildren.

It’s never too late to take control of your financial future. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your dream retirement.


    Do you know the best way to access your super?

    Once you have met a condition of release you can withdraw your superannuation as a lump sum or commence an income stream.

    Some advice

    By law, all super contributions are locked away or ‘preserved’ generally until you retire after reaching your preservation age. Your preservation age will be between 55 and 60, depending on your date of birth. You can also commence a transition to retirement income stream while still working once you reach your preservation age.

    What you need to know

    The tax implications can vary dramatically. So planning your retirement income strategy effectively is critical. The most common ways to access a retirement income stream are:

    • Account based pensions – using only superannuation savings
    • Annuities – using either super savings or ordinary (non-super) money.

    Count on us

    A Count adviser can help you:

    • Obtain the best retirement strategy for you.



    Are you confident that your wishes will be carried out once you’re gone?

    If your assets are more complex and you would like to share your wealth with many loved ones, an estate plan is essential.

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    Studies show that at least 45% of Australians do not have a valid will. If you die without a will your estate assets will be distributed according to a pre- determined formula with certain family members receiving a defined percentage of your assets despite what you may have wished.1

    What you need to know

    Our external estate planning service provider can help you:

    • Implement strategies to maximise the benefits of your assets to pass onto your beneficiaries (such as reducing tax)
    • Arrange a binding or non lapsing death benefit nomination to decide who will receive your superannuation benefits
    • Nominate beneficiaries to receive your life insurance proceeds
    • Give you peace of mind that your loved ones won’t be put under any further stress when you’re gone
    • Get the right advice on your estate plan.

    Count on us

    A Count adviser can help you:

    • Put in place an estate plan.

    1 NSW Trustee and Guardian



    Are you eligible for government benefits?

    The Australian Government Age Pension is designed to be a safety net for people who cannot fully provide for themselves financially in retirement. However, for the majority of people, the Age Pension is considerably less money than they are used to living on and would like to receive during their retirement years.

    Some advice

    When determining your eligibility to receive the Age Pension, Centrelink applies two forms of assessment the 'income test' and 'assets test'. Centrelink uses whichever test provides the lowest rate of pension payments. Understanding how the tests apply can be complex.

    What you need to know

    There are many different strategies available to organise your finances in retirement in order to qualify for a part or full Age Pension. Quite often, people who don’t think they qualify find that they can claim a part or full Age Pension after receiving financial advice.

    Even if you don't qualify for the Age Pension there are also other benefits available such as the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC). The CSHC provides a range of benefits, such as discounts on public transport and pharmaceuticals to self-funded retirees who do not qualify for the Age Pension but meet other eligibility criteria.

    Determining whether you are eligible for benefits can be a difficult and time consuming process so make sure you consult with a financial adviser who can help make sense of the requirements.

    Count on us

    A Count adviser can help you:

    • Understand whether you are eligible for benefits.


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