Success built on innovation, technology and a collaborative approach

Kofkin Bond & Co has forged a unique reputation based on a compelling business proposition. With a significant number of SME clients, the firm doesn’t just have an in-depth understanding of the complexities that SMEs often face, the team at Kofkin Bond & Co also recognise when it’s time to call in specialist support from other professionals.

Exciting ‘DARES’ initiative

Kofkin Bond & Co has a track record of strong growth – an achievement supported by new technologies and innovation. In 2018, the firm embarked on its ‘DARES’ project, which has allowed Kofkin Bond & Co to navigate growth without compromising on outstanding client service.

DARES involves a multi-pronged approach that has seen the firm embrace:

  • Digitisation of processes
  • Automation of manual tasks – while never losing the human touch
  • Recurring rather than ‘lumpy’ revenue streams
  • Evergreen marketing that is continuous and consistent
  • Scalability in all things.


Supported by a substantial investment in technology, DARES has delivered exceptional outcomes. Manual tasks have been reduced by 80 percent, double-handling has been eliminated, and high levels of compliance are built-into the system.

Importantly, DARES is giving Kofkin Bond & Co’s clients a uniquely efficient and streamlined advice experience that combines technology with tailored care. As Tony Kofkin, Managing Partner and Director of Kofkin Bond & Co, observes, “There is no point growing if we can’t always give our clients an exceptional level of service”.

Investing in people

One of the hallmarks of Kofkin Bond & Co is the depth and breadth of talent across the team. The firm has a clear commitment to promoting the personal wellbeing of staff, coupled with an ongoing investment in employees’ skills.

An organic approach to staff development has built a well-rounded team. Tony Kofkin notes, “We encourage our staff to undertake professional development in areas they are interested in – not just the courses that financial advisors would traditionally complete.”

The firm’s focus on outstanding client service also shapes its recruitment approach.  Tony Kofkin looks for advisers who are nurturing by nature: This reflects the firm’s ethos of being service based – not sales based. As Tony explains, “We aim to look after the entire family tree – not just the individual client.”

A collaborative approach

Kofkin Bond & Co’s extensive experience working with SMEs has made the firm highly attractive to other professionals, and this has forged collaborative partnerships with over 35 professional firms. “We don’t try to do everything in-house,” says Tony. “And we have the experience to know when we need to call on the expertise of our relationship partners.”

“We have always worked tremendously well with accounting firms, solicitors and other professional partners. It’s about respecting one another’s specialist skills and resources, and working together to achieve the best possible outcome for the client,” adds Tony.

With new offices, innovative systems in place – and a recent re-brand undertaken by the experts behind BHP, the Sydney OIympics and Telstra, Kofkin Bond & Co are well-placed to continue their path of sustainable growth into the future.

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