Count Financial reveals enhanced adviser productivity


Count Financial  has released data around productivity improvements and efficiency gains for its national adviser network.

In an investor presentation that was released to the ASX earlier today, the CountPlus-owned licensee called out that technology-driven infrastructure, primarily through simplified and automated advice templates, had produced a 59% uplift in the production of advice documents in the first five months of 2021 compared to the corresponding period in 2020. Count Financial highlighted that this increase had been achieved despite a reduction in overall adviser numbers.

Revenue per firm has also increased 45% since CountPlus ownership took effect in October 2019, which was attributed to bringing quality advice firms into the community, combined with a leading education program and a culture of best practice sharing.

Matthew Rowe, Managing Director and CEO at CountPlus, said that the Count Financial has a strategic focus on growing the capability of its adviser community and bringing in new firms that are a positive cultural fit.

“Since October 2019, around half of our original adviser cohort have retired or left, and we have brought in 107 new advisers with a focus on quality and client-centric values. Our clean, sustainable operating model is resonating with advice businesses that want to be part of a licensee which is focused on professional services rather than product distribution, which is one of the reasons why we are seeing this productivity enhancement.”

Count Financial has appointed 25 new firms so far in 2021 with another four currently being onboarded.

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