A new identity for our new era

Earlier today Count launched a new visual identity to signify their new era under CountPlus ownership and create a fresh, modern persona for the business. The brand elements combine the colour scheme and styling cues from CountPlus, while maintaining unique ‘Count’ attributes that pay respect to the 40 year history of the business.

“Count is a business with a long, successful history – but more importantly, a long, successful future ahead of us as well,” according to Chief Advice Officer, Andrew Kennedy.

“This is an exciting day for us because it’s not often that a business undergoes such a significant visual transformation. We’ve spoken a lot about our new era since last October – how we’re doubling down on our commitment to advice and putting the client at the centre of everything we do, so it’s great to launch a new brand which really brings those messages to life.

“It’s not just about the head office either, it’s about enhancing the reputation of our entire Member network and highlighting the collective professionalism that exists in the Count community.”

To coincide with the brand launch, Count also revealed its new public-facing website. The website has been completely rebuilt to better resonate with quality advisers who are considering joining the network.

“With the website, our aim was to make the content as relevant as possible to prospective advisers and really showcase the full-service offering that we provide,” Kennedy said.

“It was also designed in a way that’s easier to navigate and presents content more intuitively for users so that key information is reached faster. There’s also improved functionality for our Find an adviser tool which will be really beneficial to our regional firms and make them more accessible to potential clients across the country.”

The new site also includes a dedicated Media Centre where Count can host articles, editorials and press releases related to the business.

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