What we offer


We want you to spend more time with clients, so we give you the tools, resources and frameworks you need to make that a reality.

Our support services

Count is a full-service licensee, meaning we provide the complete range of systems, tools, resources and support mechanisms to help your practice deliver advice efficiently and effectively. Here is a snapshot of the range of services we provide:


Member onboarding and administration

The key to your business success is being able to get on with the job of delivering advice. Our dedicated Member Administration team is responsible for organising your onboarding efficiently and effectively, so that you can be up and running without unnecessary delays. They will also manage any required updates for your business and keep you informed of any administrational matters that need addressing.

Technology, XPLAN coaching and workflow solutions

Count has partnered with a wide range of leading FinTech providers to provide a fully integrated XPLAN platform that is free from double data entry. These third-party integrations have created significant efficiencies for our advisers along every step of the advice process.

Our Members also have access to a customised version of XPLAN, which includes additional tools and resources such as templates and client engagement solutions. We also have an expert team dedicated to XPLAN coaching, support and workflow improvements to ensure that your business can create operating efficiencies through best-of-breed tech solutions.

Domestic paraplanning supplier panel

We offer an extensive paraplanning panel that includes five domestic firms. These firms and their paraplanners are based in Australia and all data is stored domestically. Importantly, they use our version of XPLAN to ensure a seamless integration with your practice to deliver exceptional outcomes for your clients.

Professional Standards

We have a common sense approach to compliance, centred around supporting you and keeping you safe. Our experienced Professional Standards team has a deep understanding of the rules and regulations surrounding financial advice and provide robust tools and frameworks to help you deliver quality advice in the best interests of your clients.

Practice Development

Our state-based Practice Development Team is your firm’s resource for everything you need to know to keep your practice performing optimally. They can help you achieve your future goals and give valuable insights, thanks to their extensive experience in financial advice.

Research & APL

Count’s Member firms have access to an open-architecture approved product list that has been selected and approved by our experienced Research team. We support product selection based on client best interest, which is why we have a wide selection of acceptable products.

Marketing and client engagement

We provide you with ‘off the shelf’ marketing solutions, including regular newsletters, fact sheets, seminar presentations, brochures and other collateral to help you explain important advice topics to clients. We also provide training on how to promote your business through digital platforms and social media. Our communications team provide you with real time updates about important industry developments and enable you to respond accordingly. 

Professional Development and Education

We have a team dedicated to supporting you grow. Our programs keep you on top of the industry changes and we have Professional Development Days to provide you with the opportunity to maintain, update and develop your knowledge and skills. We’ve partnered with Kaplan Ontrack to ensure your CPD is conducted by the industry leading education provider.


Want to learn more about our full-service licensee offer? Visit the Join Count page to discover the benefits we can bring to your business and how to get in touch. 

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